!Aloha Beautiful World!

!Aloha Beautiful World!

Aloha 🙂 I am Sylvie & I do analize a lot. Not because I want to…it’s just how my brain works. Whenever I try to describe to someone what’s going on in my mind I imagine a futuristic computer coding that you literally can see around every person. And let’s make it clear. It’s not judging, meaning thinking something about people based only on the surface. It’s sensing, feeling & matching what I see with what I feel. It’s like checking what the emotional vibe is telling me about a person & what the person expresses with themselves.

Ok. That’s propably too much as for a beginning & even to explain what’s going on in my mind usually. And that’s when it comes to me. Let’s focus on the topic & why I decided to post videos like this. Oh sorry I didn’t even tell you what kind of videos I am talking about 🙂 

*Disclaimer I am PRO focusing on the positive aspects but I discovered that making yourself aware of something & accepting it helps a lot in understanding yourself & how your emotions work. So the videos are meant to make you more conscious about the thoughts & emotions that you are having. The videos are not meant to be taken too serious like to worry that something is wrong with you…since it’s not. You are a normal human being that just goes through things like anyone else & tries to figure out how to deal with your own emotions & thoughts.

I have found an amazing dictionary that interprets thoughts & emotions and basically tells you what specific thoughts about yourself can cause in your body if you keep on thinking them for too long. It does not mean that it happens instantly & that after having just a one low day you will get an illness or something. NO. You usually get a symptom which means something like OOOPS YOU ARE THINKING SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T REALLY SERVE YOU. And just with analizing the symptom when it comes to thoughts & emotions you can start working on changing the way you think on a daily basis.

Everything happens step by step so relax. No one was born as an emotional guru. And if you think about it good the first thing we do when we are born is… crying. Maybe because we already know what kind of emotional work is waiting for us. Nah just joking…or maybe Im not 😉 But I am saying this because the first thing we actually do is reacting emotionally to something…to how we feel. It’s obvious that the change of environment for the baby is hursh & sudden so it cries. The same happens in every day life. We go through different life changes & situations…and yeah we also cry, but the older we get the more we understand & learn looking at things from a different perspective.

And these videos are meant to show you a different perspective of yourself. And wow I just wanted to say few words and look at me. This is what always happens to me. Don’t believe me if I tell you that I need just 2 mins to tell you about something. 

Ok so that’s my introduction into the INTERPRETING EMOTIONS series. And to be honest I didnt know if the World was ready for that and it was just an idea that popped up in my mind but hey we live just once & at the end of the day I am not trying to convince any one to anything I am just sharing something that helped me in many situations so I hope you will find something for yourself too. 

I record also a lot of videos when I am having fun with friends so propably I will post some vlogs or challenges or just fun stuff since I really love things like that.


With Love


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